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Welcome to your haircare safe space! Our purpose is to provide parents of children of colour with the necessary education and resources to effectively care for their child’s natural hair. With such diverse cultures in South Africa, discussions surrounding natural hair, and what to do with it, can be so interesting (and complicated) - but a very sensitive and political topic. We are a safe, fun, and welcoming environment where moms, dads & guardians are encouraged to listen and engage with one another and their children through various tutorial workshops.

It takes time, effort and patience to look after natural hair. But most importantly, it takes understanding: That's where we come in. 

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how can we help you?

We provide 3 different educational haircare workshops that assist you in understanding your child's natural hair, as well as how to effectively care, style, and maintain it in a way that's most beneficial for both of you. We also place a lot of emphasis on creating a hair routine that is best suited to you and your child: saving you time, tears and resistance!

Due to their in-depth and intimate nature, our haircare workshops are extremely hands-on (and fun), but they require a lot of patience, a desire to learn, and a willingness to overcome comfort zones.

why choose us?

We are passionate about providing you with a reliable and consistent platform of educational resources that will help you understand and learn about your child's hair.

We know walking down that haircare aisle in Dischem or Clicks can be a very overwhelming and confusing (let alone expensive) experience - so we are here to simplify it all for you. From wash routines to hair products, we break it all down in a very engaging manner.

As parents of adopted children, or just parents of children of colour in general, you play a pivotal role in the cultural self-esteem of your child - from as little as 2 years old. I know you sometimes might think to yourself "oh it's just hair", but it's not just hair. It makes up a huge part of their identity, and most importantly it makes way for self-acceptance. 


Your child's hair should be handled with love, patience, and kindness, and we are equipped in kick-starting their haircare journey with you.

Haircare workshops for parents of children of colour 🧑🏾‍🦱👩🏾‍🦱✨
Johannesburg | online 

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